It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.  You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. – Bilbo Baggins  

Tomorrow we officially launch our website.  We look forward to sharing our work with everyone and we can’t wait to see where we might be swept off to.  More news to come.

thank you

Here at Olive and Jane, the path from idea to reality has been a long one. Luckily, we have been blessed and supported along the way by some special people…

Mom- thank you for all your encouragement and advice and the hours you graciously gave to Katie by babysitting her boys.

Rob Eaker and Eaker boys- thank you for being willing to endure all the excess “femininity” invading your house due to this project and for going above and beyond to make it all come together!

Gary Brown – Ligature Designs– thank you, thank you, thank you for our beautiful website.  We are blown away by how amazing it is.

Jane Scott – 3 Srand Photography- thank you for all your work shooting and editing our collections.

Katherine Lord and Sarah Durham- thank you for you time and energy beautifully modeling our creations.                                                       

Lanier Ivester and Philip Ivester- thank you for letting us invade your house and willingly playing along with us.  Your encouragement and support has been invaluable.

Rachel Brown- thank you for being our sounding board and coordinating the photo shoots, as Katie frequently says, “we implicitly trust Rachel’s opinion and style.”

Mitzi Eaker– thank you for masterminding our debut.  We would have been lost in a sea of social media without your help guiding us.

H- thank you for putting up with our picky selves and not giving up the search to find the perfect “Olive” and “Jane” for us.

To all our friends and family- without your support this dream would have remained hidden in our hearts and Katie’s spare bedroom.


Katie and Amy


Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night, two sisters found themselves surrounded by feathers and ribbons and all things feminine.  By candle light, they began to weave together little pieces of fluffy magic and the spell was cast! …It really was that dramatic, we promise!  Here at Olive and Jane, we love “about us” stories because we love stories. We love literature, we love movies, and we love debates over movies adapted from literature!  We love that it is the detail of a story that makes it worth reading.  Just as we look for and love the fun little flourishes that life has to offer.  And that, my friend, is the very essence of a hat.  Fascinators, cocktail hats, chapeaus, what have you.  They are really just some of those delicate extras that bring a special zest to life.  Whether it is “The Big Day”, a holiday, afternoon tea, or simply to add a little glamour to an outfit; it is our firm belief that every woman can wear a beautiful hat or fascinator.  No matter what!

Olive and Jane Millinery is run by sisters, Katie Rambo Eaker and Amy Rambo.  Katie grew up with a deep and abiding appreciation of hats, sparked by an obsessive love for Audrey Hepburn!!  Amy grew up with a very tasteful, classic eye for fashion and an artist’s touch.  Our passions are old books, travel…we are unashamed Anglophiles. We very much enjoy combining our interests and talents in this familial adventure.  We would describe our look as an eclectic mix of vintage and modern.

You may be wondering, if Katie and Amy are running this show then why, Olive and Jane?  We chose to name this venture after two lovely and stylish beauties that have long inspired us, our grandmothers! Olive Elizabeth Baskin Rambo and Jane Cathryn Sprayberry Plage.

It is our hope that the love that we put into each piece we make would bless the one who receives it.

Happy Hatting!