The Atelier

The time of year is coming round again for that magical horse racing day, the Kentucky Derby.  Here is just one example of an Olive and Jane possibility for your Derby party!

 Rose Gelato from our Soiree “Strawberries and Cream” collection.

Happy Hatting!

~Olive and Jane

Monday Musings ~ The Women

Olive and Jane Millinery is comprised of major movie buffs.  We love immersing ourselves in a story, especially stories of beautiful ladies and their misadventures!  “The Women” is just one of those movies.  We’re not talking about the more recent attempt {of which we will remain silent}!  This is the 1939 version starring Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Norma Shearer, Paulette Goddard, and Joan Fontaine.  If you don’t know these ladies’ names you are missing out on greatness!  “The Women” is all about just that ~ women and, of course, their man troubles.  The fascinating thing about this movie is that you never see the men.  They are talked of and talked to, but never show their interesting faces.  Pranks, snafus and female mania abound.  As far as we are concerned though, the best part of the movie is the hats!!!   They are absolutely perfect specimens of 1930’s fashion.  Tall and pointed.  Small and sassy.  They are pure fun!  There just may be some pieces inspired by “The Women” in our fall collection!  The next time you are looking for a Friday night flick, let this be your choice.  Check back in with us and let us know which of the women and their hats was your favorite!!

~Olive and Jane


Friday Fashions ~ The Duchess


  Our first “Friday Fashions” blog is dedicated to the current reigning queen of fashion ~ The Duchess of Cambridge!  Kate!! Her name has become a byword that when mentioned sends dresses, shoes, and coats flying off retail shelves.  It is estimated that the “Kate Effect”, as writers in the U.K. have named it, will bring in more revenue for the British economy than the Olympics in London this summer.  Wow!  The reason we love her taste is she combines the beauty of modern design with a definite vintage flair.  Her clothes are conservative enough for the average woman to, in our own common way, emulate {and not feel like you’ve just stepped out of some strange experience through the Looking Glass}!  Of course, the main reason Olive and Jane Millinery loves Kate’s style… the hats!  Oh, her hats!!  She has breathed new life into the art of millinery and reminded the world just how beautiful these extra additions to a woman’s wardrobe can be.  Check out the exquisite Emilia Wickstead coat dress and Lock and Co. hat she wore for St. Patrick’s Day.  We are definitely green as a shamrock with envy!   So, long reign the Duchess and her magnificent collection of chapeaus!

~Olive and Jane

The Atelier ~ Bespoke Designs

Here on the Olive and Jane blog we plan to take a little time each week to highlight a certain aspect of our Atelier.  This week we want to share with you about our Bespoke services.  This is a really fun part of our business in which you can contact us and tell us about a certain outfit or certain occasion and we make you an amazing hat to go along with it!  We love doing this.  It’s very exciting to see your individual tastes and design something just for you!   Our “protocol”, if you will, is to come up with 3 designs at 3 different price points and submit them for your approval.  You would usually tell us to tweek this or that and then we’re off and running.  The process takes from 4 to 6 weeks for you to be holding the item in your hands, so keep this in mind when considering having a piece made.  Our adult bespoke orders start at $49.00 and our children’s bespoke orders start at $29.00.

If you have a special occasion this spring or summer season please have a look at our regular collection but also keep in mind our Bespoke services.  In celebration of Easter we are offering a shorter turn around for bespoke pieces  and any orders received by Monday March 26th will be shipped out in time for Easter.  Any Bespoke orders received after March 26th will not be able to be shipped in time for Easter.

Let’s explore the “bespoke” possibilities together!

~Olive and Jane

A very special P.S. ~ We wanted to be sure to mention that the “Strawberries and Cream” lookbook features the most adorable bow ties for men and little boys.  They are made by Spare Time Artisan from Liberty of London fabric.  The designer is a very talented mother of four!!   We love these bow ties, they are so beautiful!  If you have a special man or little boy in your life, consider getting him a very stylish accent for Easter!!  Check out Spare Time Artisan on Etsy.


Monday Musings ~ Easter Parade




Attention all hat lovers, the Olive and Jane spring/summer 2012 collection is in the shop!  Please come on in and have a look at “Strawberries and Cream”.  Also, please take a moment and browse the new lookbook.  We are very excited to be adding a few little girl items this spring.   “Strawberries and Cream” is about as cheerful and sweet as the young children we feature.  It was a joy to put together!  In celebration of our new collection we are having another hat giveaway.  We are teaming up with our friend Muthering Heights and she is very graciously hosting the giveaway on her site.  So, after you have look at the store, pop on over to to enter your name!  Follow us on twitter and you get to enter your name again on her site!  If you tweet about us, we would love for you to use #olivejanespring.

So ladies, here’s to this season’s beautiful Easter bonnets, with all the frills upon them!


~Olive and Jane

Spring In The Atelier

We love the fun, French word “Atelier”; it means “workshop”.  Olive and Jane is excited to give you a little glimpse of what we have going in the Atelier!  Spring is just around the bend and we are putting the final touches on some very colorful new designs.  Please stop by the shop on for the launch of our Spring/Summer 2012 collection!!  See you next week!

~Olive and Jane

Keeping Shop

Keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Flinging wide the doors of hopes and dreams is never an easy thing to do – whatever those hopes and dreams may be.  There is inevitable anxiety that attends any such venture; feelings of inadequacy and a little fear.  Even the notion in the back of one’s mind that this is just down right silly!!  However, there is also  “soaring on the wings of anticipation” as Anne would say.  (We like to quote Lucy Maud a lot around here!)  Developing the deep conviction that a talent one has been given can actually be used in this messy, real world; not just the happy, dream land.  Olive and Jane Millinery has officially been open for business a mere three weeks.  Only three weeks?  Really?  In those three weeks have been packed so many beautiful and scary moments!  Orders have been filled and designs requested.  New acquaintances made – rapidly blossoming into dear friendships.  The result – two very happy hearts; looking forward to what is waiting just around the bend!

We would love for you to keep in touch with us through our blog and other social media updates.  Sharing tidbits of beauty, amusement and of course, hats!  Also, we will be adding to our inventory very quickly for the spring season…!  We hope the time spent with Olive and Jane will be something worthwhile and uplifting.  Even if it IS just a silly, little hat shop!!

~Olive and Jane


And the winner is…

Well, the big moment has officially arrived-the first Olive and Jane Millinery giveaway!!!  We are so excited, this really is too much fun!  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making our first week in business successful and memorable!  God has truly blessed us with the opportunity to be a part of your lives in this way!   The winner tonight will get to pick their favorite out of these three choices: Cordelia, Emilia, or Rosalind.
So…are you ready???  Here we go…

Names going in the official Olive and Jane hat!  (This is a very special hat, acquired by Katie from a shop on the Champs-Elysees  during her first trip to Paris when she was 16-it’s sooo Audrey!)

And the winner is….


Congratulations LK Whitney (aka hat wearer)!!!  Please contact us within the next two days and let us know which piece you want and where to send it.  If we don’t hear from you, we’ll track you down!!  Everyone else, thank you so much again!!!  We are very grateful for all your support!  We’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so please try again.

On one last note-in honor of our love of all things British, Olive and Jane will be hosting a Downton Abbey twitter party on Sunday night for the finale of Downton.  Join us at 9:00 p.m. EST at @oliveandjane, it will be so much fun!


Olive and Jane

Thank You


Dear friends of Olive and Jane, you are fantastic and we are amazed!!  Thank you everyone for posting, tweeting, blogging, liking, pinning, and basically sharing a huge amount of love for this new little shop.

Our opening week has been so much fun!

We are doing our hat giveaway tonight at 10 EST, so keep leaving comments here throughout the day when you share about us again.  We would also welcome any new posters that come our way!  The winner will get to choose from a choice of three of our hats or fascinators.  We will be putting all the names in a very special and adored hat of our own (more on that later) and doing a blind drawing.

See you tonight at 10 EST!!

opening day

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…well, okay, just the ladies and girls…we are very proud, excited, nervous, and thrilled to announce, on this 13th day of February, the Grand Opening of Olive and Jane Millinery, LLC!

All are welcome to come on in and browse the store (it sounds so fun to say that)!  We wanted our website to not only be a place to shop but to be a beautiful experience.

This week we are celebrating our store opening and website launch by having a good old fashioned World Wide Web Valentine’s Party!  We would be very honored and thankful if you would come party with Olive and Jane!  Here are a few ways you can help us celebrate:

  • ~Pin some of our images on Pinterest with the tag #iloveOliveandJane and follow us there.
  • ~Post about us on Facebook and like us there.
  • ~Blog about us.
  • ~Tweet about us and follow us there.

To show our appreciation we will be having a Fascinator giveaway on Friday February, 17th  at 10 pm EST.  To be entered in the drawing simply leave a post in our comment section with your name and on which form of social media you helped share the love for Olive and Jane.  The more mediums you share about us on, the more times we will put your name in the “hat”!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We hope Olive and Jane Millinery will be as fun to visit as it was to create and we look forward to keeping shop!


Katie and Amy
~Please see our first two posts if you are interested in the Olive and Jane story.