The Atelier

 There is always a magical moment when a little girl puts on a feathery bit of beauty!  A light shines in her eye as she transforms into a lovely young lady.  She knows she is wearing something special and she carries herself accordingly!  We presented these precious girls with their fascinators while they were playing at the park.  One moment they were sliding down a slide, the next moment…


~Olive and Jane

{Featuring the “Lulie” in Navy from our Belles Collection}

Downton Love!

The hats, the jewels, the clothes and… Mary and Matthew!!

We are getting very excited about Downton Abbey Season 3 over here across the pond.  We know, we know, it doesn’t even start in the U.S. until January.  However, if you are maniac fans like we are and just can’t wait we recommend the Telly Net.  What’s that you say??  Well, basically you can rent British t.v. for a small fee, one we are very willing to pay.  Here’s the link in case any other fanatics like us want to check it out.

We love Downton for so many reasons, such as the clothes, the hats, the jewels and the clothes, the hats, the jewels…you get the picture!!  We are definitely in great admiration.  So, keep on the look out for the upcoming Olive and Jane Winter 2012/2013 Downton inspired collection!!

See you on Sunday Downton and ITV!

~Olive and Jane

{Pictures: and google images}

Friday Fashions ~ Target Anticipation


Here at Olive and Jane we have few obsessions that have run deeper or lasted longer than our patronage of Target.  Exactly when we became die-hard fans is difficult to remember, but we do know that when moving to college a couple few many years ago the one blight on the small town experience was the knowledge that the closest Target was two hours away.  This has since changed; one was built the year after our graduation (c’est la vie).  Also, we can now, being the ones who pay our own bills, better appreciate the cost benefit of four years without easy Target access.  Regardless, we have been shopping there a long time.

One might think that as boutique business owners and sisters who love unique and personal shopping experiences that we would have an aversion to the big red bulls eye, however Target has not endeared itself to us just for its low cost items, but for the way the mega chain thinks outside the box.

We love when Target collaborates with designers on temporary specialty lines and features them in stores nation wide.  Whether it is famous names like Zac Posen and Jason Wu or obscure, independently owned boutiques, they bring the runway to everyday.  And this weekend Target is doing it again.

On Sunday they are launching another set of “The Shops At Target.”  When they did this several months ago we bought a cute milk crate from the Privet House line that now sits next to our desk holding an assortment of office supplies.

This time around Target is featuring two clothing lines, one for women and one for men, and two lines of home décor.  While some of the items hit at a little higher price point than others in the store, what we love about “The Shops At Target” is the national spotlight it gives to these small boutiques.  On Target’s website you can view short videos that give background information on the Shops being featured.

We are especially excited to see what Kirna Zabete has to offer because they are southern ladies who love color and want to, “bring downtown cool to America.”  As this combines Target with another of our life long obsessions, New York City, we can’t help but sit in anticipation.

If you visit Target in the next week or two please let us know what you think of “The Shops.”

The Atelier

Bastian Millinery

Sebastian the Greyhound was a little jealous of Olive and Jane, so he decided to strike out on his own!

What do you think?

He just might be on to something!!

~Olive and Jane


Monday Musings ~ The Diamond Queen

Jeff Moore / Splash News

This is a post for all our fellow Anglophiles!  We hope you enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last week as much as we did!  It was such a marvelous time of celebration.  The Royals were out in their best and looked very, well, royal!  One of our favorite moments was during the flotilla on the Thames.  When the Queen first stepped onto the boat she had such an excited smile on her face.  She looked truly radiant and happy ~ an impressive thing for having done the same job for years and years and years!!

UK Press Association

Of course, we LOVED Kate’s outfits.  Especially her hats.

Go to our favorite Kate blog for all things Kate style.  Including more info. about the Strathearn tartan scarf she was carrying on the river.

  {She is the Countess of Strathearn after all!}

In one final note, we had to highlight the classy, tasteful dresses and hats worn by the Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.  They looked very pretty.  Go girls!

Splash News

What was your favorite Diamond Jubilee moment?

~Olive and Jane



Monday Musings ~ Dear Mother

Happy Mother’s Day

Hello everyone!!  As a homeschooling mother of four, I find this picture particularly hilarious!  Three of my four children are boys and this is how I spend a great majority of my time!  Mother’s day is so special, for mothers young and old.  Whether they are currently in the trenches or fondly remembering days gone by.  Consider giving the dear mother in your life an Olive and Jane creation, to add extra beauty to her day!  We also offer Olive and Jane gift certificates ~ information available here.

~Katie for Olive and Jane

To My Mother

You too, my mother, read my rhymes

For love of unforgotten times,

And you may chance to hear once more

The little feet along the floor.

~Robert Louis Stevenson



Friday Fashions ~ Bright Bags

Handbags and hats ~ a perfect pair!  We love the beautiful, spring colors on these bags!!

{kate spade new york ‘grand street – melinda’ shopper ~ Nordstrom}

{Carlos Falchi Baby Python Satchel ~ Saks Fifth Avenue}

{3.1 Philip Lim 31 Hour Oversized Clutch ~ Neiman Marcus}

~Olive and Jane

The Atelier

Come see Peppermint Twist in the shop and our other hats for your spring engagements!  We are taking rush orders for the Derby until Friday April 27th.  There will be no rush fee for these orders!!   Add a hat or fascinator to your wardrobe and enjoy the extra sparkle it can bring!

~Olive and Jane

Monday Musings ~ My Old Kentucky Home

“To the strains of ‘My Old Kentucky Home’,                     Kentuckians gave vent their delight…”

The Louisville Courier-Journal May 8, 1921

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Kentucky Derby will take place this year on the 5th of May.  Here is a photo, from the New York Racing Association, of the horse we hope wins the glory ~ Hansen.  Yes, it is mainly because he’s magnificently gorgeous!!!  {Hopefully they won’t try to die his beautiful tail any bizarre colors this time!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it!}  So, which horse will you be cheering on past the      Twin Spires of Churchill Downs?

P.S.  Don’t forget, hats are almost as important as the horses on Derby day!!  {Hint, hint} 😉

~ Olive and Jane

Friday Fashions ~ Ruche

The finding and buying of beautiful clothes is a past time most women cherish!  We love finding shops that offer not only beautiful clothes but a beautiful experience.  Ruche is just one of those companies.  This online boutique carries the most beautiful vintage inspired clothing and now has their own bridal line.  Take a peek at their lookbooks and savor the beauty!

Shop Ruche!

~Olive and Jane