About Us

Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night, two sisters found themselves surrounded by feathers and ribbons and all things feminine.  By candle light, they began to weave together little pieces of fluffy magic and the spell was cast! …It really was that dramatic, we promise!  Here at Olive and Jane, we love “about us” stories because we love stories. We love literature, we love movies, and we love debates over movies adapted from literature!  We love that it is the detail of a story that makes it worth reading.  Just as we look for and love the fun little flourishes that life has to offer.  And that, my friend, is the very essence of a hat.  Fascinators, cocktail hats, chapeaous, what have you.  They are really just some of those delicate extras that bring a special zest to life.  Whether it is “The Big Day”, a holiday, afternoon tea, or simply to add a little glamour to an outfit; it is our firm belief that every woman can wear a beautiful hat or fascinator.  No matter what!   

Olive and Jane Millinery is run by sisters, Katie Rambo Eaker and Amy Rambo.  Katie grew up with a deep and abiding appreciation of hats, sparked by an obsessive love for Audrey Hepburn!!  Amy grew up with a very tasteful, classic eye for fashion and an artist’s touch.  Our passions are old books, travel…we are unashamed Anglophiles. We very much enjoy combining our interests and talents in this familial adventure.  We would describe our look as an eclectic mix of vintage and modern.  

You may be wondering, if Katie and Amy are running this show then why, Olive and Jane?  We chose to name this venture after two lovely and stylish beauties that have long inspired us, our grandmothers! Olive Elizabeth Baskin Rambo and Jane Cathryn Sprayberry Plage.  

Olive and Jane offers the Bridal and Soiree collections.  All of our pieces are hand crafted using high quality feathers, fabrics, jewels, and real, preserved flowers.  Our pieces are either in stock or one of a kind.  We also offer Bespoke services.  If there is something specific that you would like but we do not already offer or if there is a sold out item you would like please visit our Bespoke section.  

One more thing we would like to mention.  While Olive and Jane is for fun and merry making, we are mindful of many in this world who have great needs.  We donate 10% of our profits to help some of those needs.  Compassion International is an organization that helps children in many different countries and in very dire circumstances.  They provide for so many of their needs and sponsors support their particular child for their growing up years.  We sponsor several children, including one boy who will be 18 this year.  Katie and her husband have sponsored him since he was 4 years old and have been blessed to be a part of his very special life for all these years.  Olive and Jane donates to the mother and infant program which helps those mothers and babies in critical need of assistance.  Go on over to Compassion and check out this fantastic organization!