Monday Musings ~ Hello Again

Well, hello again you wonderful fashion blog, it’s nice to see you this new year!!  We took a little hiatus to enjoy the wonderful holiday season.  I enjoyed lots of fun filled, albeit chaotic, moments of Christmas fun with the Husband and our four precious children!  Amy took a walk on the wild side and spent five weeks with family in Zambia, Africa!  Snow was definitely not happening on her holiday but she did return quite tan from her trip to the realms of the equator!

Hats were most definitely present this season, as every festive occasion is the perfect excuse for exhibiting our creations.  {Okay, so we’re never really lacking in excuses to don an Olive and Jane chapeau!}  On Christmas day my family was as British as possible!  After all of the wonderful presents and visit from Santa Claus {uh hum, the Husband in a big, fluffy red suit};)  We went for a very foggy, misty walk at the state park nearby.  I was channeling my best Duchess of Cambridge impersonation in my Hunter wellies, skinny jeans and dog in tow!  We had the park all to ourselves and pretended we were on our own country estate.  It was lovely!  In the evening we dressed up in our finest, my 3 little men and little lady included.  We ate a very festive dinner including delicious mince pies all the way from the U.K.  For the finale we played a rousing game of Charades, in which the children were allowed to invent their own charade…it was unique, let’s just say that!  I think the picture below best sums up what was awaiting the Husband and I in the kitchen by the time we got the children all tucked in bed with those sugar plums still dancing like crazy in their heads!

Picture Credit

Did we hustle and make everything sparkling clean?  Ummm, no!  We sat by the fire and our beautiful tree and watched the Christmas episode from Downton Abbey season 2!  Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than ending a beautiful day with a proposal at a British castle in the snow!!

Olive and Jane Millinery hopes you also had a beautiful and lovely Christmas season!!  Here’s wishing us all a delightful 2013!

~Katie for Olive and Jane

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