Monday Musings ~ Silver Threads and Golden Needles

When I was a young lass first setting out on the journey of marriage, I experienced the usual round of jubilant festivities.  One such event was hosted by my mother-in-love to be and was probably the most creative.  Each invitee was given a song title or words from a familiar song to show them what to bring to the party.  My definite favorite was from my grandmother, Olive.  {Yes, the Olive!}  Her song title was “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”.  She, of course, gave me a sewing box filled with all the bits and bobs any woman could dream of as she becomes a bride.  As it happens, it was my very first sewing box.  Although it took me several years into my marriage before I really began to sew, that sweet gift sparked a desire to create with my hands that has led to this delightful adventure called Olive and Jane Millinery.  Now 12 years later I still look at her little box fondly whenever I am in our Atelier creating and imagining.  It is not beautiful or even vintage, but it is one of the special treasures that I will always cherish!

~Katie for Olive and Jane

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