Friday Fashions ~ Jenny Packham



AHHH!!! Love Jenny Packham!   Her designs for Spring 2014 look very 30s and 70s, a fun mix and are just beautiful.  Can’t wait for these to filter down to the realms of fashion affordability for those of us not blessed with large monetary capabilities.  Anyone else want to sign a petition for a “Jenny Packham for Target” collection!!  Kate Middleton has worn some truly stunning Jenny Packham dresses and you can see why.  They are so feminine and lovely.   The collection for fall/winter 2013 is completely fantastic too.  Here’s a video from NY fashion week!  Go check out their crazy big hair.   Jenny Packham Video

One of our favorites!


{NY Daily News}

~Olive & Jane


Happy 4th of July

photo (19)

We take our Revolutionary Hats seriously around here!!  Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!


Friday Fashions ~ Vintage Style Guide at Ruche

Okay everybody, here is something specifically for the vintage lover in us all! Ruche, a store most of you know we are obsessed with, is doing an online Vintage Style Guide!!!  We’re so excited about this!  Not only can you buy their beautiful “modern vintage” clothing but now you can pick exactly what period of clothing you want!  We love all the styles they feature.  On a quick side note, it must be said that Olive and Jane hats certainly work well with this type of clothing…maybe Sage from our Forget Me Not collection!

Head on over to Ruche and get inspired!

~Olive and Jane

Monday Musings ~ What Being A Scullery Maid Has Taught Me About Business

The Scullery Maid

No, I have never actually been a scullery maid but as a mother of four, there are plenty of moments when I feel like one!!  There is a lot of time spent cleaning up muck from different places around the house.  Chores that must be repeated day in and day out to maintain order and any semblance of cleanliness.  {And keep the smell of lovely little boys at bay!}

What, you may ask, does this have to do with a millinery business?  Well, a lot actually.  Setting out to accomplish any endeavor takes huge amounts of work, commitment, and effort.  In building up the bones of a business there is inevitably much toil to be done and yes, even a little bit of muck of it’s own.  {We don’t have an official shop girl to clean up after us…yet!}  While waving a very busy hello to Olive and Jane Millinery’s one year anniversary, I’ve been pondering this topic…a lot.  There have been many moments of almost giving up this dream of striking out on one’s own into new creative space.  Extremely tired nights of finishing projects or perfecting a new design.   Learning the ropes of the technical aspects of business, when all I really want to be doing is reveling in feathers, has just about driven me wacky! {Talk about the Mad Hatter!}  However, through the ups and downs, I’ve come to realize that even the living out of a “beautiful dream” requires a certain amount of “get down on your hands and knees and scrub those floors” scullery maid kind of work.  So, I find myself thankful for my years of “scullery maid” training ~ down in the trenches with beautifully messy, little munchkins.  Those experiences are the reason I haven’t given up when the going has gotten tough here in The Shop!  Why I’m treasuring all the sweet victories, accomplishments, set backs, difficulties, beautiful creations and major learning moments that have gone on in the world of Olive and Jane this past year.  So…

Here’s to you old Millinery shop, old pal!!

May this next year be just as grand!!!

~Olive and Jane

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Monday Musings ~ Hello Again

Well, hello again you wonderful fashion blog, it’s nice to see you this new year!!  We took a little hiatus to enjoy the wonderful holiday season.  I enjoyed lots of fun filled, albeit chaotic, moments of Christmas fun with the Husband and our four precious children!  Amy took a walk on the wild side and spent five weeks with family in Zambia, Africa!  Snow was definitely not happening on her holiday but she did return quite tan from her trip to the realms of the equator!

Hats were most definitely present this season, as every festive occasion is the perfect excuse for exhibiting our creations.  {Okay, so we’re never really lacking in excuses to don an Olive and Jane chapeau!}  On Christmas day my family was as British as possible!  After all of the wonderful presents and visit from Santa Claus {uh hum, the Husband in a big, fluffy red suit};)  We went for a very foggy, misty walk at the state park nearby.  I was channeling my best Duchess of Cambridge impersonation in my Hunter wellies, skinny jeans and dog in tow!  We had the park all to ourselves and pretended we were on our own country estate.  It was lovely!  In the evening we dressed up in our finest, my 3 little men and little lady included.  We ate a very festive dinner including delicious mince pies all the way from the U.K.  For the finale we played a rousing game of Charades, in which the children were allowed to invent their own charade…it was unique, let’s just say that!  I think the picture below best sums up what was awaiting the Husband and I in the kitchen by the time we got the children all tucked in bed with those sugar plums still dancing like crazy in their heads!

Picture Credit

Did we hustle and make everything sparkling clean?  Ummm, no!  We sat by the fire and our beautiful tree and watched the Christmas episode from Downton Abbey season 2!  Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than ending a beautiful day with a proposal at a British castle in the snow!!

Olive and Jane Millinery hopes you also had a beautiful and lovely Christmas season!!  Here’s wishing us all a delightful 2013!

~Katie for Olive and Jane

The Atelier

A hat will be as nice and good,

As anybody ever could,

And then, it ups and blows away-

For even hats will have their day.

“The Hat’s Day” by Douglas Mallach

The Beatrice from our Soiree collection!

~Olive and Jane

Friday Fashions ~ High Museum Fashion Show

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Street, Berlin, 1913

Calling all fashionistas in the Atlanta area!!  The High Museum is hosting a special event this Saturday night, October 13 featuring the following:

  • The Atlanta Opera
  • The Alliance Theatre
  • Bent Frequency
  • Forward Fashion Show – featuring local designers
  • Wabi Sabi
  • Obscura II – an interactive camera obscura puppet show

All of these little exhibitions are inspired by the High’s Fast Forward: Modern Moments art collection.  We are very excited about the Forward Fashion show as it is featuring local Atlanta designers, including hats!!  If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend come check out what Atlanta design has to offer!

Go to for times and prices.

~Olive and Jane

The Atelier

The Rosalind

As the winds of Autumn begin to rustle through the leaves, a thrill of excitement and adventure fill our hearts again.  Colors deepen and become ever more vibrant in one last flash of glory!  Like Frodo Baggins, we feel the desire to set out on a journey into the great unknown.  Autumnal attire just might be our very favorite.  Tweed blazers and jaunty caps are the order of the season for these unabashed anglophiles!  Katie wore the Rosalind from our Soiree collection to the Symphony here in Atlanta on Sunday.  It looked very becoming, if we do say so ourselves and was the perfect adornment on a crisp, fall afternoon!  Cheers!

~Olive and Jane

Monday Musings ~ Silver Threads and Golden Needles

When I was a young lass first setting out on the journey of marriage, I experienced the usual round of jubilant festivities.  One such event was hosted by my mother-in-love to be and was probably the most creative.  Each invitee was given a song title or words from a familiar song to show them what to bring to the party.  My definite favorite was from my grandmother, Olive.  {Yes, the Olive!}  Her song title was “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”.  She, of course, gave me a sewing box filled with all the bits and bobs any woman could dream of as she becomes a bride.  As it happens, it was my very first sewing box.  Although it took me several years into my marriage before I really began to sew, that sweet gift sparked a desire to create with my hands that has led to this delightful adventure called Olive and Jane Millinery.  Now 12 years later I still look at her little box fondly whenever I am in our Atelier creating and imagining.  It is not beautiful or even vintage, but it is one of the special treasures that I will always cherish!

~Katie for Olive and Jane

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The Atelier

With sunshine pouring through our window today we have been experiencing a familiar mix of emotions.  Surveying the various pieces of fabric, ribbon, feather, or jewel we have gathered over the past few weeks, a sense of endless possibility fills the workshop.  Although, with all the goodies laid out before us in a somewhat organized chaos, a hint of daunting creeps in until a certain shade of blue or the curve of a feather catches our eye and then…the fun begins.