About Olive & Jane

Olive & Jane Millinery

Our Story

Olive and Jane Millinery was established by sisters Katie Rambo Eaker and Amy Rambo out of a love for all things dainty and feminine.  Long inspired by the fascinating world of fashion, the joy of observation ripened into a passion to create.  One candlelit evening we set about weaving feathers, ribbons, and other bits of beautiful fluff into sophisticated, little creations.  Providence seemed to be at work.  The process was so enjoyable we simply could not stop at just one.  Voila!  Olive and Jane Millinery was born.

We decided to try our hand at designing a line of headpieces featuring: fascinators, cocktail hats, and chapeaus.  Olive and Jane is pleased to now offer two collections; Bridal and Soiree.  Drawing inspiration from various interests, including travel and Audrey Hepburn, the collections are an eclectic mix of vintage and modern aesthetics.  Each piece is hand crafted using an array of high quality feathers, vintage and modern fabrics and jewels, and preserved fresh flowers.  Some pieces are in stock while others are one of a kind.  Bespoke services are also offered for design requests and out of stock items. 

The art of feminine dress is timeless.  As Coco Chanel said "Fashion passes, style remains".  Adorning one's head with finery is a timeless tradition and here at Olive and Jane we believe every woman, no matter her style, can wear a hat!  Our hope for each and every piece created is that the love for beauty that went into it will bless the life of the person who receives it.


Our Thanks

To the lovely and stylish beauties that our company is inspired by and named for, our grandmothers!  Olive Elizabeth Baskin Rambo and Jane Catherine Sprayberry Plage.

To Sherry Rambo for much encouragement and endless hours of babysitting the Eaker boys.  To said Eaker boys and the Eaker princess.  To Rob Eaker, for being willing to endure all the excess "femininity" invading his house due to this project and for going above and beyond to make it all come together! 

To all our family and friends who have generously given their time, talent and excitement to this venture.  Without your support this dream would have remained hidden in our hearts and Katie's spare bedroom.

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Our Commitment

In addition to the joy of sharing these treasured pieces, Olive and Jane will also be donating 10% of the proceeds from each item sold, to the not-for-profit child sponsorship ministry, Compassion International.  This excellent organization provides hope and help to children of poverty world wide.

Compassion International